NU’EST fanclubs joins the donation pool for Sewol victims


It is the sixth day of rescue operations for the sunken ferry accident, and fanclubs of various idol groups such as B.A.P, Shinhwa and VIXX, have since offered their help by sending needed supplies and prayers to families waiting in the Jindo Indoor Stadium. Several NU’EST fanclubs also joined the donation drive.

Among them were Vienna.Soul, Muse and JR Time, fansites of members Ren, Minhyun and JR respectively. Singapore fansite NU’EST SG, has also tweeted their donation pool two days ago, with a note to “keep praying for those Sewol victims.”

Fans in the fancafe were also leaving messages of prayers, including international fans who left support messages on the message board of member Aron’s English radio programme, Music Access.


Vienna.Soul's tweet on donations to Sewol victims.


JR Time's collaborative donation drive to Sewol victims with     


Muse950809's supplies to Sewol victims included 50 toothbrush/toothpaste sets, 4000 cups and 150 hot packs.


NUESTSG joined the donation pool last Saturday.

As of date, numbers of survivors remained at 174, with the death toll rising to 64; 238 passengers are still missing. NU’EST Newsletter would like to send our condolences to the families of the Sewol victims, and we offer our sincere prayers. #PrayForSewol.

Source: various fansites' twitter, NU'EST fancafe.


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